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whoopee n : noisy and boisterous revelry




  1. A spontaneous expression of delight or joy.
    Whoopee! I won!

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spontaneous expression of delight or joy
Whoopee! was a Broadway musical comedy which debuted on 4 December, 1928. The book is by William Anthony McGuire, featuring music by Walter Donaldson and lyrics by Gus Kahn. The original version was produced by Florenz Ziegfeld and starred Eddie Cantor, Ruth Etting and Frances Upton. The two-act musical ran for 379 performances. A 1979 Broadway revival garnered star Charles Repole a Drama Desk Award nomination.
Whoopee! was filmed lavishly in 1930 as a musical comedy film, closely following the version produced by Florenz Ziegfeld on the stage.


  • It's a Beautiful Day Today
  • Here's to the Girl of My Heart
  • Red, Red Rose
  • Gypsy Joe
  • Makin' Whoopee
  • Until You Get Somebody Else
  • Taps
  • Come West, Little Girl, Come West
  • The Movietone of the Gypsy Song
  • Stetson
  • The Song of the Setting Sun
  • Love Is the Mountain
  • Red Mamma
  • Love Me, or Leave Me
  • Hallowe'en Whoopee Ball

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